Why SEO is Ongoing, not a One-Off Website Project

Written by Polka Dot Marketing

July 24, 2021

Why SEO is Ongoing, not a One-Off Website Project


No matter the quality of the content on your website, you need to make an active effort to drive traffic to it. Most of us are familiar with the process of search engine optimisation (SEO), a practice that aims to maximise the number of people who reach a particular website.


However, not everyone understands that this process is most effective over a long period of time and isn’t meant for short-term gains.


Let’s take a closer look at why SEO is ongoing, not a one-off website project.

You Will Cultivate an Online Presence

As time goes on, your SEO strategy will drive more and more users to your content. This can easily create a situation where you begin to cultivate an online presence in your industry.


To elaborate, let’s assume that you publish a handful of industry insights that outline key changes and trends within your space. Over the next few months, you might find that these articles begin to gain traction with your audience.


You may have also noticed that none of the content you posted performed well initially.


If you had given up after seeing that the first article didn’t take off how you expected it to, you would have completely missed out on the opportunity to draw a significant amount of attention to your brand. Increasing your notoriety is something that can directly translate into an increased number of sales.

It Takes Time for Search Engine Optimisation to Work

Regardless of what your SEO strategy involves, it will likely take a notable amount of time for you to see substantial results. More specifically, it often takes over six months before you experience substantial changes in your online performance.


As previously mentioned, dropping out of your SEO strategy shortly after starting will prevent you from reaping the many benefits that it is able to provide.


After all, it isn’t realistic to expect tens of thousands of people to immediately navigate to your content shortly after you post it. Since search engine optimisation focuses on driving organic traffic to your website, you will essentially have to wait until your audience is able to encounter it on their own.


Fortunately, developing an effective SEO strategy will ensure that this occurs as quickly as possible.

It Requires Consistent Effort

Like most other marketing endeavours, consistent effort is required if you want to achieve the levels of performance that you are after.


This is simply due to the way in which Google ranks websites. To elaborate, Google tends to prioritise websites that are constantly publishing fresh content.


This shows that the site is active, making it a more enticing option for users to choose from when browsing search results. So, you’ll need to put in continual effort when it comes to your search engine optimisation strategy.


Otherwise, you may find that you begin to experience a slow decline in traffic to your website. This issue is further compounded by the fact that your competitors will likely be publishing new content on a regular basis, causing them to surpass your ranking.

You May Need to Adapt to Search Engine Changes

Interestingly, many people tend to overlook the fact that Google is prone to making substantial changes to its algorithm. For those who are unfamiliar with this process, it involves modifying the criteria that are used to rank websites.


In extreme cases, this could create a scenario where your established SEO techniques immediately become less effective. If you aren’t ready to adapt, it could be impossible to recover from a situation like this.


Additionally, changes to the search algorithm aren’t always monumental. Google frequently updates its algorithm with minor tweaks, and you will need to be fully aware of these so that you can take advantage of them.


Your Competitors Are Taking It Seriously

As previously mentioned, neglecting your search engine optimisation responsibilities could easily result in your competitors surpassing you. This is because they are most likely taking these obligations seriously.


It’s essential that you don’t make the mistake of assuming your main industry competition is in the same situation that you are when it comes to developing marketing strategies. 


Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs tend to believe that if they aren’t going out of their way to focus on something, none of their competitors are, either.


In reality, there’s a strong chance that your competition is doing everything it can in order to solidify its presence in your industry. This is particularly true if their business is not performing as well as yours currently since they will be aiming to surpass your level of performance.


Developing a long-term SEO strategy will ensure that you stay continually working on maximising the performance of your online content. Otherwise, you may get left behind as others in your industry begin to progress.

Why SEO Is Ongoing, not a One-off Website Project

As you can tell from the above information, it’s essential that you develop a long-term SEO campaign. Once you understand why SEO is ongoing, not a one-off website project, you’ll be able to handle this responsibility as effectively as possible.


This will allow you to catapult your business to new heights and hit metrics like surpassing what you have done in the past.


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