Google Ads Management

The strategy you need to get the most qualified leads.

Central to the success of direct marketing is developing relationships with the right audience at the right time.

Google Ads, a form of PPC Management, or Pay Per Click Management, is a highly valuable part of any marketing strategy. This is not only for exposure to your target audience alone, but also for vital audience intelligence a great PPC management campaign delivers.

With Google Ads, your product or service shows up at the right time for your ideal customer.

People are searching for your business on Google right now. Are you running Google Ads to reach them?

More qualified leads with less ad spend through effective Google Ads Management

Google Ads boosts traffic and conversions, alongside an increase in brand awareness. Top of page visibility is granted instantly with transparent results.

This strategy gives you unlimited data from your campaign. Data shows the number of people who clicked the ad, how much traffic the Ads sent to your website, the number of leads, the keyword which generated the most traffic, and the price per lead.

You’re in the right place if you:

  • Want to drive more qualified traffic to your website
  • Are ready to increase leads through phone calls or online enquiries
  • Want to increase in-store visits and bookings
  • Are selling online and want more conversions

What you will get with Google Ads from Polka Dot Marketing

  • Strategically placed Google Ads working in with your goals
  • Transparent, open support from our specialised team
  • An increase in traffic to your website
  • Higher conversions of enquiries, bookings and sales.

Need Google Ads?

It’s time to increase sales, bring in more leads and create higher conversions. Your target market is looking for you and it’s time to be found! Google Ads put you front and centre, so your business is meeting their needs. The success of your ads is determined by the strength of your Google Ads team. We get results. Your success is our driver and we’re ready to take your business to the next level.