Social Media Marketing

Where you become the influencer and brand of choice.

Social media marketing is not simply popping up a post on Facebook or Instagram and waiting for the sales to come in. It’s also not only about your posts looking good, or how many followers or likes you have.

Your social media is there for you to connect with, listen to, educate, inspire and add value to your audience every step of the way.

At Polka Dot Marketing we build and strengthen brands through great social content, beautiful design, influential interactions, data analysis and a strong strategy.

We bring your social media presence into a clear game plan that ties in with your business objectives.

What you’ll get is a loyal following of people who connect with your brand and make it part of their lives.

Social Media Services

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Social Media Management

A full-package service managing all social content across multiple channels. This is for businesses who are ready to take their brand to the next level.


social media services

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Strategically designed Facebook & Instagram Ads. No quick boosting of posts that waste money – we’re about proper campaigns with real results.

social media content creation

Social Content Creation

Beautifully designed social media posts to reach and connect with your audience. Strategically designed with purpose in mind.

social media marketing

Social Media Interactions

Interacting through direct messaging, following, post likes, comments and sharing. Social is called social for a reason!

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Social Media Analysis

A full analysis of your social media. What you are doing well, what can be done better and a roadmap for what steps to take so it works best for you.

social media coaching

Social Media Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions designed specifically for you to work on best practices distinct to your business on social media.

The digital world changes daily, especially social media.

Consumers are smarter than ever searching for the best option to meet their needs. Make that best option be your business.

Need Social Media?

Your social media should be strategic, on brand and be giving value every step of the way. Our team of social marketing specialists have an in depth understanding of best practices and are passionate about growing brands. Not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for. We take out the confusion and connect the dots for a clear vision for your brand on social media. Let’s do this!