Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

Written by Polka Dot Marketing

April 19, 2021

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There are few tools that compare to the power of the Internet. In fact, most people immediately turn to the Internet when they want to answer a question or solve a problem.


As you might guess, this is also the method they use in order to find businesses. Interestingly, many entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure why their business needs a website. We’ve put together a quick guide that answers all the questions you might have about websites for business.


Let’s dive in.


1. Brand Reputation


Although this attribute is often overlooked, there’s plenty to be said about how a business website can help establish your brand reputation. As previously mentioned, many people go on the Internet in order to learn more about a product or service.


However, it can seem suspicious if they are unable to find an official website for a product that they have heard about. They might begin to question the legitimacy of their purchase options, wonder if the product itself is worth it, etc.


When you have a website, however, people will be able to find it on their own and learn more about your company. This simple concept can go a long way when it comes to maximising your sales numbers.

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2. An Additional Avenue of Communication


Not everybody wants to send a brand a message on social media. In fact, not everyone has social media accounts they use on a regular basis.


If you don’t have an official website, you run the risk of deterring customers who are potentially interested in making a purchase. Instead, your company’s website should establish additional avenues for communication. This means you should list your phone number, email, and even physical address if you have one.


3. It’s an Invaluable Marketing Tool


There are few tools more effective for marketing than having a website for your company. This is simply due to the fact that you have full control over the content, functionality, and the way users interact with your brand.


For instance, let’s assume that you only have branded social media as opposed to an official website. The content you post and the way you engage with your audience are limited by the terms and conditions of those platforms.


On your own website, though, you have much more influence on these circumstances.


Additionally, you can use this platform to provide customised content that you normally would be unable to on other outlets. Blogs, for example, are useful pieces of content that have been statistically proven to have a significant ROI when implemented correctly.


4. Remain Competitive in Your Industry


Chances are that you are not the largest or most dominant business in your industry. This also likely means that your marketing budget is significantly lower than that of your competitors.


Fortunately, the Internet helps levels the playing field between larger and smaller businesses.

This means that having a high-quality business website can help you remain competitive against larger companies and showcase the needs you can fulfill. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a small, online-based business to establish a significant presence in an industry full of corporate giants.


This factor alone is often why many entrepreneurs choose to invest in developing a website for their company.


5. Customers Expect You to Have One


Whether you want to accept it or not, your audience will expect you to have a website. Internet access is at an all-time high and it is simply unreasonable for a serious business owner to neglect to establish an online presence.


Additionally, customers who aren’t able to find you online are highly likely to work with a competitor instead. The good news, though, is that companies with a well-designed website have a strong chance of making a sale or conversion once a member of their target audience reaches their site.


6. Lead Generation Through Chatbots


We can’t all be at the computer 24/7. Additionally, it’s not always practical to hire a support team that can.


Thankfully, you can integrate chatbots on your website in order to manage leads when a member of your team isn’t able to directly interact with a customer.


For instance, let’s assume that due to time zone differences a member of your audience navigates your site at 4:30 AM. They might have questions they need to answer, or they might want to learn more information about a certain product.


A chatbot can provide this level of guidance and ensure that they stay interested in your brand until a representative is able to get in touch with them. Sometimes, you might find that chatbots are able to facilitate a sale even though human interaction never occurred.


7. Showcase Your Services and Products


In order to properly showcase your service or product, you will need to incorporate multiple different types of media. This is often only possible through the use of your own website.


For instance, let’s assume that you sell industrial equipment. You could include photos, video, and even an extensive blog post about how your equipment works. This will likely provide your audience with all the information they need to know about how it can benefit them.


Websites for Business Are Game-Changing


In fact, there is no other alternative in terms of utility. With the above information about websites for business in mind, you will be able to ensure that you make the appropriate decisions for your organisation.


Want to learn more about what Polka Dot Marketing has to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

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