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2018 Digital Updates


Facebook – Bringing People Closer Together


With the continual progression and advancements of social media platforms and technology comes changes to the way we as businesses create and promote content to our consumers.

Facebook announced at the beginning of January 2018 a focus to ‘Bring people closer Together’, resulting in a change to the Facebook algorithm.The developments of the social platform we have observed already this year are astounding. 2018 is definitely a year of change, and we are excited to see how the industry progresses and adapts. 


What is the Facebook Algorithm?

The Facebook algorithm is practically a living and breathing phenomenon that is part of the social media platform. It is the behind the scene process that works to determine which post will appear in an individual’s newsfeed based on an ever changing set of criteria (hence the living breathing phenomenon). The goal of the News Feed is to show the stories that matter to you, so the algorithm continuously works to identify, sort and prioritise post according to an individual.

An inevitable short-term result from this recent update will be lowered organic reach, engagement and general interactions between consumers and your business page. This may eventuate to lowered revenue and stall the growth of your business. However, there is no need to panic, Facebook’s paid advertising will remain untouched and continue to reach your audience as you desire.

Create content that is relevant to your audience, is engaging and generates meaningful interactions.

Consumer Behaviour Trends

Advancement in technology brings with it added pressure and increasing expectations from consumers for quick, easy and pleasant brand interactions. In a saturated market with a plethora of brands all vying for a consumer’s attention, the ultimate power is held by the consumer. Who they shop with, dine with or even who they engage with can fluctuate based on their experience with a brand. Therefore, a strong consumer focus needs to be at the forefront of every business strategy. Ensuring your consumers have a positive experience every time is critical, but not just their physical experience, their online experience as well. Online interactions with a brand can influence and shape the consumers perception and alter their level of loyalty towards a particular brand.


So how do we provide a positive online experience?

Well there are two parts to creating a memorable consumer experience.


1. Website

Providing a positive experience means creating a short and seamless buying/booking process on your website.Today on average, 74% of Australian use their smartphone devices to connect to, and browse the internet (2018 Digital Report Australia). This means responsive web design is imperative for the success of your website.


Placing high importance on a mobile-first design approach, as 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile ( It is still important to have your site optimized for all devices, with tablets accounting for the highest add-to-cart rates on an ecommerce site.


2. Social Platform

How can we create positive interactions when the new Facebook algorithm limits our organic reach?

Create content that is relevant to your audience, is engaging and generates meaningful interactions, this will assist in achieving a higher placing within an individual’s News Feed. Furthermore assisting to regain lost organic reach of your business.


What counts as engaging content?

Think about how you use social platforms. What makes you stay and read an entire post? What makes you want to comment on a post? Something fun, quirky and a little bit different is what makes most people want to engage.


Short Videos are proving to be an asset, which can grab the consumer’s attention and generate interactions. Asking questions to start a conversation, and showing a humorous side is a great way to engage your audience.


Consumers want brands to be authentic and genuine, they want brands to be more relatable and less polished. Instagram stories and meme’s are perfect to add a bit of personality to a brand further developing consumer relationships.

Don’t fear change. Change allows us to learn, adapt and grow.

Adapting to Change

The Marketing industry is constantly changing. New ways to communicate with consumers are created, new ways to enhance the consumer experience are found and new technologies are developed. Like every industry, the marketing industry experiences high and low periods, but when we are experiencing a low we survive by learning and adapting and striving towards growth.


Don’t fear change. Change allows us to learn, adapt and grow. Change enables the exploration and discovery on new and exciting ways to achieve growth and forge a deeper connection with our audience.


Although change can create what appears to be a step-backwards, it’s actually a way to find those long-term gains and the possibilities are endless for growth.

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